Zdrowe zęby

The production process begins at the moment of arrival at a construction site. Based on the collected data we propose a design. Each window has to be sketched and described so all the characteristic elements could be restored.


For our manufacturing process, we use only specially selected wood of the best quality. After producing window frames and casements, we start to focus on recreating all the details which originally decorated the woodwork. This part of production is a handcraft, therefore every single lot is unique.

Ready wooden parts are first impregnated, then painted twice under high pressure to protect wood from the environment impact, such as water, sunlight, wind or frost.

The connection of professional paints, modern seals and thermo-insulating glass lets us combine the comfort of use with originality and tradition.


The choice of matching handles, hinges and fittings is always made individually by a customer. In most cases we remake original systems in order to get as close to the original as possible.


Thanks to using original seals and thermo-insulating glass, we combine the comfort of use with originality and tradition.