Ann –Marc Company was founded in 1993 as a family business.
From the beginning of our operation we have been specializing in the production of atypical woodwork for historic buildings.

We have gained huge experience in our craft by working and cooperating with architects on the German construction market. Today our products are used by people in hundreds of buildings in East Germany and decorate facades of numerous palaces, churches and houses in Poland.

In our manufacture, most of our makes are handcrafted. As a result, we have a highly qualified team of carpenters and very well-equipped manufacturing facility. To restore the unique charm of historical windows, we order the appropriate cutters for almost every project to be able to reproduce the historical profile and shape. At the moment we have over 400 of them!

For the last twenty years of our business operation, we have been constantly improving the quality of our products to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Thanks to the satisfaction of our customers, the demand for our makes is constantly increasing and we have a well-established position on the international market.